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  • Auto Populate Contact Form 7 Input Fields with URL Parameter

    I’ve just finished a WordPress development project which required fields in contact forms to be auto-populated with values based on the page from which the form page was called. In this case I was using the Contact Form 7 plugin. It’s fairly simple to set default input field values with Contact Form 7 but assigning […]

  • Fixing Duplicate Canonical Link Element in WordPress

    If you work with WordPress blogs and websites you will, no doubt, have had lots of fun over the years with duplicate content and spent plenty of time trying a) get it out of Google’s index and/or b) stopping it getting in there in the first place. The introduction of support for the canonical link […]

  • Get a UK Phone Number in France or Switzerland with Vonage

    Vonage Vonage provides a simple, low-cost voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solution for private individuals and businesses. The Vonage service works via a low-cost adapter unit which allows any normal telephone to be conncted to the Vonage network via the Internet. There is no need for a landline – if your Internet connection is via […]

  • Search Engine Optimization for Choppers Bonnets Verbier

    Choppers Bonnets Verbier is the Alps’ leading maker of hand-knitted and crocheted ski hats, beanies and headbands. Now based in Verbier, Chopper and her pompom-maker-in-chief began hatmaking five years ago in the frozen wastes of Zermatt. What began as a way to kit themselves and their friends out in fetching headgear for the slopes quickly […]

  • Alpinemojo Verbier Website Goes Live

    Feathered Owl assisted Alpinemojo Verbier with development and implementation of their new website which went live today (8 November 2009). We optimised the HTML code, implemented a WordPress blog and devised appropriate page title, description and keyword metadata for all pages in the site for search engine optimization according to the client’s requirements. We are now working […]