Enterprise Systems Management

ESM comprises a range of disciplines involved in management and control of IT systems. Most important are server, network and application monitoring which allow a smaller number of people to support more systems than would otherwise be possible and rapidly identify faults so that these can be resolved quickly with minimal business impact.

I have extensive ESM skills and experience developed in major multinational organisations with some of the biggest and most complex infrastructures around. I am an expert in the implementation and customisation of ESM software and appliances and their integration into comprehensive end-to-end monitoring solutions for infrastructure, applications and IT services.

I also have access to some of the top ESM people in the UK and around the world, a comprehensive understanding of the products available in the marketplace and excellent relationships and contacts with vendors and other solution providers in this specialist field.

Above all I ensure that ESM solutions deliver true business benefit by doing what is needed of them, namely to deliver accurate, timely and targeted information to the right people so that prompt action can be taken to avoid or minimise business impact. Get in touch to find out how I can help you implement the best possible ESM solution for your business.

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