The Importance of Backing up your Data

Now here’s a salutory tale. On Sunday I reckoned that as I had done about 30 hours’ work putting together the  requirements, plan and other sundry documentation for a major new project, it would be agood idea to back up my laptop. Which I did. This morning I switched it on and….blue screen of death! My heart sank, but then I remembered that I’d backed it up and was very glad that I had, indeed, practiced what I preach to all my clients – if you only do one thing right, make it some kind of backup strategy for your data.

Actually, we here at Feathered Owl became data backup and recovery experts whilst ghost writing a series of articles on all matters Storage related a couple of years ago. Much of this knowledge survives and remains relevant, so if you would like some sage advice on anything from backing up your Macbook to a Disaster Recovery solution for a datacentre, please get in touch. We may just dig some of these articles off our backup drive (!), spruce them up a bit and share them with you all over again before too much more time goes by.

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