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  • Get a UK Phone Number in France or Switzerland with Vonage

    Vonage Vonage provides a simple, low-cost voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solution for private individuals and businesses. The Vonage service works via a low-cost adapter unit which allows any normal telephone to be conncted to the Vonage network via the Internet. There is no need for a landline – if your Internet connection is via […]

  • Voice Over IP Anyone?

    Well, we here at Feathered Owl have just picked up another project to implement a VoIP telephone solution for a new client. More and more people are going down this route, it seems that the technology is becoming increasingly mainstream. We’ll be updating this post as the project progresses.

  • Feathered Owl Technology enters the Blogosphere

    A few days ago we here at Feathered Owl made a commitment to start putting some of the advice we freely dispense (actually, ideally we don’t dispense it entirely for free…) to our clients and anyone else who happens to be listening into practice. In fact, this blog is one of the results. And guess […]

  • CSS – Coming Soon to a Website Near You

    Actually, this website. We’re going through all the pages and starting to bring them in line with some kind of up to date standard for HTML code. All using Wordpad, which is good for our understanding of CSS/HTML but is making us seriously consider (not for the first time, but more seriously than before) investing […]

  • The Importance of Backing up your Data

    Now here’s a salutory tale. On Sunday I reckoned that as I had done about 30 hours’ work putting together theĀ  requirements, plan and other sundry documentation for a major new project, it would be agood idea to back up my laptop. Which I did. This morning I switched it on and….blue screen of death! […]