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Feathered Owl Technology enters the Blogosphere

A few days ago we here at Feathered Owl made a commitment to start putting some of the advice we freely dispense (actually, ideally we don't dispense it entirely for free...) to our clients and anyone else who happens to be listening into practice. In fact, this blog is one of the results. And guess what, all that stuff about blogging being a great way to increase the visibility of your site out there on the Interweb seems to be true. Although our expectations as to how many people are actually reading this blog at this moment in time (please let us know if you are) remain on the low side, Google seems to know all about it already and indexes new posts within hours or even minutes of them being posted. We are keeping a close watch on some of the other search engines, which appear to be less interested in our outpourings here but have, at least, discovered the blog homepage itself.

In addition to search engines, there are a seemingly endless number of social networking and blog watching sites out there. The theory is that once your blog starts to be seen by Net surfers it will be bookmarked, tagged or otherwise linked to and so become more visible since the search engines assume that if a few people have bothered to link to something it must be interesting for some reason. Thus, we are told, a virtuous cycle (or circle, whichever you prefer) is created and over time your blog and maybe even the rest of your website which contains details about what you want to sell, or whatever, becomes more and more visible. To start the ball rolling, we've created an account for ourselves on Technorati and added this blog to our list of "claimed blogs". At the time of writing  we are ranked number 3,196,618 or  thereabouts so there's a bit of room for improvement...

We're going to keep monitoring the progress of all this and will keep you all in the loop. Maybe by the time the next update is posted "you all" may have ceased to be an abstract concept, who knows.

CSS – Coming Soon to a Website Near You

Actually, this website. We're going through all the pages and starting to bring them in line with some kind of up to date standard for HTML code. All using Wordpad, which is good for our understanding of CSS/HTML but is making us seriously consider (not for the first time, but more seriously than before) investing in a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver. And maybe a Mac...

The Importance of Backing up your Data

Now here's a salutory tale. On Sunday I reckoned that as I had done about 30 hours' work putting together the  requirements, plan and other sundry documentation for a major new project, it would be agood idea to back up my laptop. Which I did. This morning I switched it on screen of death! My heart sank, but then I remembered that I'd backed it up and was very glad that I had, indeed, practiced what I preach to all my clients - if you only do one thing right, make it some kind of backup strategy for your data.

Actually, we here at Feathered Owl became data backup and recovery experts whilst ghost writing a series of articles on all matters Storage related a couple of years ago. Much of this knowledge survives and remains relevant, so if you would like some sage advice on anything from backing up your Macbook to a Disaster Recovery solution for a datacentre, please get in touch. We may just dig some of these articles off our backup drive (!), spruce them up a bit and share them with you all over again before too much more time goes by.